Taylor Swift has always been a controversial artist. Although she is loved by millions of people around the globe, some people find something to hate about her. From her music to her personal life, people find things to talk about.


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The recent allegation about her being a Fat shamer

Recently Taylor published a music video, but people are not talking about the music. Rather they are discussing a scene where she tried to show her insecurities. She mentioned the word fat, and now people are saying that he is fat-phobic.


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Also, racism

Not only people are saying that she is fat-shaming people, but many people are also saying just because she is white, her telling something about body-related issues is about taking advantage of being white. According to people, as she is a privileged white woman, anything she says about the body-related struggle is not enough.


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The reality

Taylor swift is just an artist who tries to express her insecurities through her music. But people will find the element to hate her no matter what. Although She did not mention anything, we all know she doesn’t care about it.