For her upcoming Eras Tour, Taylor Swift has broken her silence. Via her Instagram, she mentioned how serious she is about her fans. And now she wants to clear all the rumors. Also, she mentioned that her team is working with her to fix the issue with the program.


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What actually happened Actually?

Taylor Swift recently announced a tour for her fans. But due to some uncertain issues, Ticketmaster cancels the ticket sale. The tour was named Eras tour, but it got delayed due to the cancellation of the ticket.


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How is Taylor dealing with the issue?

Not directly mentioning the name of the Ticketmaster, she mentioned that she would not make any excuse for anyone. But she asked the company multiple times if they would be able to handle the extreme pressure of selling tickets for the tour. But suddenly the company showed a lame excuse to hide their fault.


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What about the tour?

Although nothing is final yet, there is a big possibility that the tour is going to take place. But they need to first solve the issue with the ticket, then proceed with further plans.