Last year Ben Mawson from Dua Lipa’s TaP Music management announced that They would like to choose the next song for Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Finally, they selected viral TikTok sensation, Sam Ryder, as the UK’s entry for Eurovision. They also explained that everyone should put politics aside. Because the singer has lots of possibilities to win the competition. According to bookmarkers, Sam Ryder’s song “Space Man” is the second favorite to win the contest.

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TaP’s Ben Mawson who previously managed Dua Lipa explained the selection process, “I remember thinking, ‘Why do we do so badly every year? We’re one of the homes of some of the best pop music of all time. Is it political, or is there more to it than that?’”

He also added, “There’s this historic cynicism in the UK, and maybe we’ve been too casual about it. We weren’t convinced that you could blame it on politics. We thought that more effort show goes into thinking about the song. It’s a particularly unique formula. We got to thinking about what that was.”

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Mawson also discovered that rivals are putting their acts forward for the competition. He said, “It’s such a huge platform with 200million viewers. That’s double the size of the Super Bowl halftime show getting a top 10 on Global Spotify and millions of streams. I was intrigued by the whole thing and why it was going so wrong.”

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He continued, “The main thing we wanted to do was make it really seriously and put everything into every aspect of it to get it right. We had a lot of learning to do.”