As the coronation of King Charles III approaches, it is essential to understand the intricacies of royal etiquette. This guide will delve into the manners and customs that have shaped the British monarchy throughout history and continue to play a significant role in modern times.

Addressing Royalty

When addressing members of the royal family, it is crucial to use the appropriate titles and forms of address. For example, one should address the king as “Your Majesty” and other members of the royal family as “Your Royal Highness.” It is also customary to bow or curtsy upon meeting a royal family member.

Dining Etiquette

During royal banquets and dinners, there are specific rules to follow. Guests should wait for the monarch to begin eating before they start, and they should also stop eating when the monarch finishes their meal. It is essential to use the correct utensils and follow the order of courses as they are presented.

Dress Code

Attending a royal event often requires adhering to a strict dress code. Men should wear a morning suit or a lounge suit, while women should wear a day dress with a hat or a fascinator. For evening events, men should wear black tie or white tie, and women should wear floor-length gowns.

Gift Giving

Gift-giving is an essential aspect of royal etiquette. When presenting a gift to a member of the royal family, it should be thoughtful and appropriate for the occasion. Gifts should not be overly extravagant, as this may be seen as inappropriate or disrespectful.