The rapper Saweetie is popular for her catchy music and all-around fun energy. But the most remarkable thing that the star has is its flawless, glowy complexion. Recently she has shared some beauty rules she follows to keep her skin in check. She shared her experience with the skincare routine.

Credit: rollingstone

In a video created for Vogue’s “Beauty Secrets” series, the rapper opened up about her skincare routines. She revealed her skincare journey by discovering the right products to keep her complexion clean and moisturized. She said, “When I was in fifth grade, I had a really bad puberty outbreak, and I was living with my dad.”

She added, “Men don’t really know what to do with, like, skincare, so my dad would just tell me to get a hot rag and put it on my face.” Then she continued, “When I went to visit my mom, she was like, ‘What’s going on with your skin?’ and immediately put me onto skincare products.”

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Saweetie’s skincare routine has evolved gradually. She combated a lot to tackle her oily skin. She also tried many products to keep her complexion looking nice and healthy. She said, “I use at least four to five products every single time I wash my face. I use micellar water, facial cleanser, toner, eye cream, serum, and face lotion. So that’s about six different things.”

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The singer added, “An [aesthetician] once told me to mix and match and not to exclusively just use one entire line. That’s stuck with me, and it actually really works for my skin.”