Whether it is fashion or earning the British royal family is always at the top of people’s interest. You may also like to know how much the royal family members are making each year. Here we will like to share some of the glimpses of royal earnings.

Queen Elizabeth

While discussing the British royal family members’ earnings, the first name should be Queen Elizabeth. Because of the last 60 years as monarch, Queen Elizabeth has accumulated remarkable wealth. She owned several high-end properties including Balmoral Castle which is worth $140 million. Her salary was also subsidized by British taxpayers.

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Charles, Prince of Wales

He is the rightful heir to the British throne. His estimated fortune of $100 million. He is the sole heir apparent to the asset of Queen Elizabeth. But he is a self-made man and never relied on the queen’s resources to become financially independent. He has his businesses, investments, and real estate holdings.

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Lady Kitty Spencer

Lady Kitty Spencer is Princess Diana’s niece. Despite she wasn’t related to the royal family, her earnings were more than other well-known relatives. She has a solid foundation and family history which helped her to achieve a great modeling career. She is a famous face in several well-known fashion houses and corporations.

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Pippa Middleton

Kate Middleton’s younger sister was Pippa Middleton. Though she wasn’t quite a princess, she was all the talk of the town during her sister’s wedding. Her family business and marriage helped her to receive a title as well as a comfortable life.

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