John Hartman, the drummer of the popular band Doobie’s brother has left his last breath. He was a wild spirit, a great showman, and a wonderful drummer. The time when he was in the band was magnificent for the fans, and they are heartbroken by the loss.


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The sad departure

John Hartman, the co-founder, and the drummer died at the age of 72. His death was confirmed last Thursday, September 22. The news was announced to the world by the band. The band has shared their grief with the world.


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Colorful life of John

Hartman was born in Falls Church, Virginia. After he was found by the Doobie Brothers, the star did not have to look backward in his life. He was found by the singer and the guitarist of the band, Tom Johnston. They met in 1970, and the rest is history.


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Journey in the band

He presented 8b albums in his lifetime to the world. Also, he had a shaky life in the band. Hartman left the band in 1979 due to some internal clashes. But he returned after 10 years in 1989 and presented the reunion album “Cycles”. He retired in 1992.