Netflix is full of an excellent collection of sci-fi series. The collection continues to expand with Netflix’s growing international library. Sometimes it becomes difficult for viewers to select the best one. Here we are sorting some of the best sci-fi series glowing inside the Netflix vault so that you can easily select to watch.

Dark (2017-2020)

This time travel sci-fi series presents a generation-spanning story with a child’s disappearance. You will love the amazing storytelling with an eye-catching performance of the characters. Viewers will also enjoy the Dark’s meditative look at time travel and feel the impact of its on human nature.

Credit: imdb
Lost in Space (2018-2021)

This series is the reboot of the 1965 series of the same name. It is an excellent presentation of an adventure of the talented Robinson family. The family is head out with a crew to colonize a new planet. The exciting inescapable family drama series is waiting to hit you at full force.

Credit: tvinsider
The Silent Sea (2021—)

The South Korean sci-fi series is full of mystery, drama, and action where a crew of astronauts on a mission. They are trying to initiate an abandoned research facility on the moon. Their goal is to find a sample of an unknown substance for unclear purposes. You can enjoy an addictive space journey into a tailspin along with betrayal, government lies, and the personal secrets of the characters.

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