With the rise of streaming services and the changing landscape of television, the impact of the Royal Family on these platforms has become a topic of interest. As younger generations become less engaged with the Royal Family, streaming services are finding new ways to attract viewers and maintain relevance in the digital age.

Streaming Services and Royal Events

One example of the Royal Family’s impact on streaming services is the upcoming coronation of King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla, scheduled for May 6-8. The crowning ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey and will be broadcast on live television and streaming platforms. This event is expected to draw a significant number of viewers, particularly from older generations who are more engaged with the Royal Family.

Younger Generations and the Royal Family

Polling data shows that young people are less engaged with the Royal Family compared to older generations. Only 11% of those aged 18-24 said they were ‘very likely’ to tune into the coronation service on May 6. In 2018, YouGov analysis showed that those who support the Royal Family the most were likeliest to be Conservative voters, aged over 55, and to describe themselves as “very” or “quite” patriotic. This shift in engagement has led to calls for the Royal Family to adapt and become more relevant to younger audiences.

Addressing Changing Attitudes

Royal commentator Afua Hagan suggests that it is important for King Charles to issue an apology for the Royal Family’s historic ties to the slave trade and move with the times, even if it wouldn’t be popular with his traditional supporters. Hagan believes that younger people are the ones who want to see more of a conversation about this and are going to be around for a longer period of time. Robert Jobson, the royal editor of the Evening Standard, also said it was time for the Royal Family to start taking advice from younger people.

Streaming Services and Royal-Themed Content

Streaming services have also capitalized on the interest in the Royal Family by producing content that appeals to a wider audience. For example, Amazon Prime Video recently released the first season of the spy thriller “Citadel,” starring Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas. The series follows the collapse of the top-secret international spy group Citadel and the rise of Manticore, the coalition behind Citadel’s fall. With the first two episodes already available and subsequent episodes dropping every Friday through May 26,
streaming services are finding new ways to engage viewers and maintain their interest in the Royal Family.