As the media landscape continues to evolve, streaming services like Paramount Global and Netflix are transforming the way we consume content. With a focus on international programming and a commitment to long-term growth, these companies are reshaping global TV trends and making a significant impact on the industry.

Paramount Global’s Expansion and Growth

Paramount Global’s Q1 2023 Earnings Call Transcript highlights the company’s commitment to investing in and building streaming networks. By leveraging its traditional media base, Paramount aims to deliver long-term value to shareholders. Despite navigating a challenging macroeconomic environment, the company is focused on returning to earnings growth and positive free cash flow in 2024. Paramount+ recently reached 60 million total subscribers, while Pluto TV hit 80 million monthly active users, demonstrating the global resonance of their services.

Netflix’s Global Impact and Expansion

Since its worldwide expansion in 2016, Netflix has rewritten the playbook for global entertainment. With a customer base of 214 million global paid subscribers, the company’s impact on the global TV industry is undeniable. By investing in international TV and film, Netflix has enabled programming from around the world to find massive audiences. The company’s executive team has been rebuilt with a global focus, including promoting content chief Ted Sarandos to co-CEO and hiring a new talent chef with international experience.

TechnoVision 2023: Technology Trends and Insights

Capgemini’s TechnoVision 2023 report provides valuable insights into technology trends and their business impact. With a theme of “Right the Technology, Write the Future,” the report calls for selecting technology solutions with a clear, positive societal impact. The report describes 37 technology trends based on contributions from Capgemini experts around the world, offering use cases and best practices. TechnoVision 2023 aims to bring fresh thinking to address technology business issues and help design, plan, and write the future.


The influence of international content on streaming services is evident in the success and growth of companies like Paramount Global and Netflix. As these companies continue to invest in global programming and adapt to the evolving media landscape, they are shaping the future of the global TV industry. With insights from reports like TechnoVision 2023, businesses can better understand the impact of technology trends and make informed decisions for a successful future.