The previous year 2020 was the year of COVID and we all were blasting through television series. Now, it’s 2021 and we’re getting ready to be called in the vaccine line. However, the series lovers are still interested to know about their upcoming shows’ update. If you are a Disney fan, you might likely hear of the insane line up of “Star Wars” and Marvel series announced for the next year. There is also hope for the fans of heavy hitters like Atlanta and Succession who are expecting the return for their upcoming third seasons. Here is a shortlist of the most anticipated TV shows of 2021.


Cobra Kai

Season Three of this series is now streaming on Netflix. It is expected that Season Four will also be coming this year.  Cobra Kai has proven to be wildly successful for Netflix. So, we can clearly anticipate that viewers need not wait too long for the new season. This TV series will come out this year.


Mr. Mayor

It seems Ted Danson can’t stay off television for too long. He is getting ready for his own sitcom on NBC after the huge success of “The Good Place”. It is anticipated that this new season will be widely accepted by viewers. 



The next standalone episode of this series will come out on January 24. It is anticipated that the new season will come out sometime this year. If Season Two delays, fans can enjoy a couple of standalone episodes of this series.



If you a fan of superheroes then here is good news for you. Because Season One of the “WandaVision” debuted on January 15 and now get ready to be blown out with the wonderful visualization of strong 1950s aesthetic and the charisma of superhero.