Love, Death, and Robots are said to be the most violent, clever, and electric animated anthology. Over the last two seasons, the series has gained so much popularity that people who aren’t even fans of animated movies are also waiting for the new season to come. This series offers myriad animated shorts spanning sci-fi and horror, and occasionally both at the same time.

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The most impressive thing about the series is that the episode is short. The highest running episode runs for 21 minutes. Most of the exposure is 12-17 minutes max. But in these 12 minutes, the viewer will be questioning themselves, “What did I just see?”? The new season is that impressive.

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Love, Death, and Robots are for mature viewers. It has its fair share of nudity and appeals to it. In the previous two seasons, the cast was very diverse. Pretty much every type, caste, race, gender, and sexual orientation was shown in the series. Season 3 will also follow the same trail. It has been said that the series has portrayed the peak form of femininity and masculinity. With that, the intellect level of the stories is just a cherry on the top.

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Perhaps the most impressive thing about volume 3 of Love, Death, and Robots is that even the seemingly generic stories turn out to be interesting. The episodes in this season are sorted in a manner that everyone will have something in common to their liking.