The well-known show “13 reasons why” has been one of the most popular shows in Netflix’s history. Very few series received reviews like this one. But the reviews were mixed. As much positive feedback as the show has got, there was so much negativity about it too.

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What about season 5?

The director and people behind the show have mentioned that season 4 of the show comes to a natural end. The series is based on a certain archetype, and season 4 kind of sums it up. Although there is no official news regarding this matter, it can be assumed that there will be no season 5.

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Controversy about the show

Like every series, there was and still is some controversy about the show. It is about some problematic people who live their life on their own rule. So, some of the episodes got heavily criticized. But it didn’t stop people from enjoying it.

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About the actors

There has been no official review or news from the actors in the show about the controversies or the ending of the show. Although they have gone to social media platforms to explain their feelings about it, no confirmed news about any update yet.