There are many incidents taking place in the royal family. But some of them are so deep that it has created an issue of price for William to forgive his brother. William is not ready to let go of the situation that has been hurting him for the past few years.

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What happened in the castle

Over the years, Prince Harry has been distant from royal duties. As a part of the royal family, they have their fair share of responsibility to complete. But, as he was distant from his duty, William had to take the pressure to conduct the work. This made him a bit uneasy and hurt his feelings.

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About the royal experts

The fans are making a big deal out of the royal dispute. Where the experts are saying a different thing. As they are part of royal duty, this type of emotional issue is really common. There are multiple incidents where one royal family was not happy with the decision that others made.

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About Harry

As we all know, Harry is having a bit of a rough time due to their situation with Megan in the castle. Both of them are trying their best to be part of the family and follow all the rules.