Khloe Kardashian and Michele Morrone have been seen together during the Milan fashion week. Their close photos have shaken the internet. Many eyebrows have been raised by their photos and fans want to know if these two are dating or not.


Credit: blinkbuzzz

What’s the news?

From the photos, they seemed close. They are very close. But what does it mean? People are speculating that they are romantically connected. The photos were taken on the day of Milan fashion week. Before that, they had never seen each other or had no previous connection.  


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What did they say about the photo?

Well, there is nothing serious going on between these two stars. Khloe has mentioned that Michele is her very good friend. But they are not connected romantically at all. Also, Michele mentions that Khloe is very nice. So, it is confirmed that nothing is

going on here.


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What’s new in Khloe’s life?

After the second child, Khloe has nothing new in her life. She is taking her motherhood very seriously and investing her time in her daughter. Also, the Kardashian family is taking a little break from everything.