Jena Ortega is now having the time of her life after the release of the series “Wednesday”. The series is based on “Adams Family”. With the talented director Tim Burton, Jena Ortega had the crew and cast of Wednesday have created an amazing series. There, Jena had shown her talent and skills to make herself the perfect Wednesday.


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If you look closely, Jena did not blink for once in the whole series. This is not initially planned for the series. But once while taking the shot Jena did not blink. Director Tim was so impressed that he mentioned Jena not to blink in any of the shots from then.


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Jena is not known for her musical talent. But for the role of Wednesday, she had to learn how to play this huge instrument. As this was a signature part of Jenna’s character, she had to learn the basics of it.  


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Jena spoke German. In one episode, Jena had a small monologue in German. As she does not speak the language, she had to learn a lot for the small speech.