Influencer Becca Moore raised more than $230,000 for an Uber driver’s sick daughter who is suffering from cancer. She is using her platform to raise money for this driver’s family.

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Previously TikToker Becca Moore was robbed of her phone and credit cards at Coachella while attending a private party with many other influencers. At that time, her Uber driver Raul Torres swooped in to help her. Then she came to know about his family’s struggles, including a father and daughter with cancer. Becca decided to use her platform to help him and his family.

Becca initiated a GoFundMe and set a goal of $1,000. But this goal was attained within an hour. Later she continued to increase the goal and till now she managed more than $230,000 for the Torres family.

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She said in a video, “So I got robbed at Coachella and my Uber driver saved me. After I got in his car, I pretended everything was fine but he insisted on staying with me because he had an instinct that I needed help.”

She explained that she just wanted to do was get a new phone. But Raul helped her to do everything including filing a police report, grabbed Starbucks to calm her nerves, and assisted her to track down her phone. She said, “What could’ve turned into an emergency felt like a fun day with a new friend because of Raul. He picked me up at 10 AM and stayed with me until I had everything I needed to get home at 6 PM, which should have been his entire day of work.”

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Raul said about the day, “I was just happy to help her, you know what I mean,” he told the outlet. “It’s just weird but you know I couldn’t leave her back there because she didn’t know nobody there so I had to help her out.”