Princess Dianna wore such a heavy Tiara on her wedding day that is said to have given her a headache. She was jeweled on her wedding day from head to toe, such royal treatment. The former Princess of Wales had a huge collection of supreme jewelry. including her sapphire engagement ring that is now proudly worn by Kate Middleton. The death of Diana in 1997 saw the 36-year-old’s personal and royal jewelry either given to others or handed back to the original collections.

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But what happened to the jewelry? Where are they now? Personal pieces of Diana’s rings, necklaces, and other items have been inherited by her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. This was possible, as she was born in an aristocratic family and had her share of precious jewelry. Even before marrying Charles, she had some family jewels on her.

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After the wedding, she was known to wear items from the Queen’s collection, which is said to contain more than 300 items. Since her sons have married, their wives have since gone on to wear various pieces from Diana’s collection. Kate Middleton was given Diana’s engagement ring when she was proposed to by Prince William.

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About the famous Tiara that she wore at her wedding. After her death, it became a part of the collection named Spencer. People can see it occasionally when it is opened for them.