Hollywood Star’s Reaction To the Ongoing Protests at U.S. Capitol


Hundreds of pro-Trump protestors swarmed the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. while Congress began counting the Electoral College votes in The U.S. Many demonstrators broke through barricades and the Capitol descended into chaos and violence. One woman was shot inside the Capitol by a member of law enforcement.

As the situation continued to evolve Hollywood stars are speaking out on social media about this critical situation. Many Hollywood stars like Ashton Kutcher, Octavia Spencer, Chris Evans expressed their reactions to the ongoing protests in Washington D.C. Here are some glimpses for you.

Credit: indiewire.com

Leah Remini wrote, “Praying for our country. Sickened & saddened by what I’m seeing-on so many levels. Cowards. Disgraceful. We will get through this. #CapitolRiots”

American social media personality Charli D’Amelio wrote, “Today has been a difficult day for our country my heart is with everyone and im just hoping everyone can stay safe and out of any harm. please everyone in the washington dc area stay safe!!”

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Popular star Meghan McCain said, “This one one of America’s darkest days in our entire history.”

Actor Michael Keaton said, “I was chased and run through tear gas demonstrating against the war in the 70s. What the police DIDN’T do today was shocking. They sure were ready during the BLM demos which was peaceful.”

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Captain America star Chris Evans wrote, “I’m speechless”

Popular actress Octavia Spencer wrote, “If the election is invalid, then these newly elected people should technically not be in office. How can they reject the top of the ticket, but support their Own wins?”

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American TV personality Gizelle Bryant said, “People that don’t live in DC don’t have a full appreciation of how F-ing difficult it is to actually get anywhere near that building and the fact that these hooligans got inside is UNBELIEVABLE.”