Megadeth Get Involved With The Growing NFT Craze


The metal outfit Megadeth launch “one-for-one” and joined in embracing non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Now NFT becomes a new form of cryptocurrency.


The metal band shared the news of their team-up with the digital collectibles marketplace Rarible. That’s why the “one-for-one token” is called ‘Vic Rattlehead: Genesis’.

The spinning skull of Megadeth’s animated mascot Vic Rattlehead underneath the band’s logo. It seems that the NFT does not feature any audio content.


The current bid is at $519.38 (£378) and the auction ends on April 12.  Calvin Harris praised the new format NFTs and mentioned it as the potential to completely revolutionize the music industry.”


Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine said about Megadeth’s upcoming new album. He said, one song left to sing”. He also added, “Other than that, all the vocals are done on this record.”