Prince Philip Once Said He Didn’t Want to Live to 100


Royal biographer Gyles Brandreth’s new book Philip: The Final Portrait mentioned that Prince Philip Once Told He Didn’t Want to Live to 100.


Prince Philip lived a memorable life before his death in April. At that time, his age was 99. He was the longest-serving British consort. But the book reveals that the royal once admitted he didn’t want to live that long. 


Prince Philip said I can’t imagine anything worse. I’m already falling to pieces as it is. Bits keep dropping off. I have absolutely no desire to cling on to life unnecessarily. Ghastly prospect…I certainly don’t want to hang on until I am a hundred like Queen Elizabeth [the Queen Mother].” 

The author Brandreth revised and updated his 2004 book Philip and Elizabeth: Portrait of a Marriage. This book presented an expansive and authoritative portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh. It also tod the readers about the beautiful journey of his 73-year marriage to Queen Elizabeth.


In the introduction, the biographer wrote, “He was more thoughtful and much kinder than the common caricature of him would suggest.”