Daniel Craig Reveals What He’s Going To Miss Most About The James Bond Films


The highly-anticipated movie “No Time to Die” hits theaters on Oct 8. But the bittersweet is it would be the final James Bond film of Daniel Craig.

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The 53-year-old actor has exclusively revealed what he’s going to miss most about the iconic spy franchise. Before he teased another giant franchise, Daniel mentioned that “Nothing’s much bigger than a Bond movie.

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Craig said, “We tend to do things kind of bigger than anybody else, not least of all because we’re usually on amazing locations—we went to Jamaica and all these things—but it’s the people I work with, genuinely. That’s really who I have had the most incredible experiences with.”

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Lashana Lynch who was making history as the first Black female 007 explained, “Everything seemed like a journey. Being able to talk about her and relish in her and teach different ways to explore Black narratives in cinema—especially in franchises—is, I think, the cherry on top. The 007 thing is just like a ‘Whaaat?’ kind of moment.”